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"..David is an English sculptor, now based with his family in New York.

The early part of his career was in the film industry working as a sculptor mostly for animatronic effects.

During the creative advertising spell of the eighties he formed a partnership and enjoyed success, mostly creating animal caricatures for various campaigns.

It was during this period the architect for the Royal Armouries project was looking for someone to sculpt a full size charging rhino and various other animal tableaux scenes for the forthcoming museum. It was when he saw an award winning cigarette ad showing a rhino with a hat, that he knew he'd found the right person.

That project set David up to get more involved in various museum commissions all over the world, making many centrepiece sculptures and equestrian displays.."

Roman Cavarlyman with flash E 002.jpg
Rhino-Calendar-Ad-wm-1030x644 3.jpg
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